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Sixty Three Boutique was established in 2006 and is part of a family run business here in Nenagh. The store is managed and run by Majella and her team. Here at Sixty Three Boutique we pride ourselves on providing a friendly environment where you can find functional, fashionable clothing, that fits your style. We love anything that’s NOT ordinary and continuously search for beautiful clothes, footwear & accessories that every woman wants!


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Majella McLougney


Since: 2006 

Style: I would describe my style as practical and playful!! Anything that’s not ordinary… I dress for the occasion but be sure you’ll see me in dressy flats over heels.

Pet Hate: Wool or any itchy material.. 

Hobbies: Music, Gardening, cycling , hiking, anything to do with the outdoors really! 

Fun Fact: Still need to grow up but doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon! 

Favourite Saying : May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong, and your Mondays be short!

Role : The Boss / The Buyer / And The Professional Messer!!


Norita Ryan

Manager / Senior Stylist

Since: September 2014

Style: I would describe my style as relaxed, modern and versatile. Feeling comfortable and confident in my clothes is priority..

Hobbies: Walking, running, pilates or anything to help unwind. 

Fun Fact : I have lost count of all the times I have fallen in Sixty Three Boutique. I could write a book at this stage… 

Pet hate:  People being late


Role : The style guru who keeps the store looking it’s best! 


Tara O’ Brien

Social Media & Web Admin

Since: May 2021 

Style: I would describe my style as urban, vintage. Checked Shirts are an essential in my wardrobe! I like to dress casual most of the time and dress up a casual outfit for a night out with a pair of heels! 

Hobbies: Love photography (Especially dog photography), and have a great social life with my friends!    

Fun Fact : Very clumsy.. sure to spill a coffee at some stage, and always when I’m wearing white!

Pet Hate: Those loud eaters!!! 

Favourite Saying : haha my uncle once said to me.. “If you can remember your 20’s you didn’t do it right..” 

Role: Our Fake tan guru 


Claire Maher

Style Assistant

Since: September 2022 

Style: I would describe my style as comfort is key, but I like trying new styles too! Once you’re comfortable in your own skin that all that matters.

Hobbies: Walking my dog Skamp, reading, gardening & yoga.

Fun Fact : Woman of many talents, master of none!

Pet Hate: Meanness.. We are all going the one way in the end …. Be Kind 

Role: The one who keeps Henry the Exotic plant alive in store.