Lets talk Fashion! Top 3 Styling Tips!!

There are countless ways to change up an outfit and how to pair clothes together, but do you often love how someone else has styled an outfit and find it doesn’t suit you?

Here are three styling tips to make you feel your best in your clothes!


The key to having a stylish outfit is balancing the top and the bottom! If you are wearing an oversized or loose fitting top, pair it with a tight or slim fit bottoms such as a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Likewise if you are wearing wide leg trousers or a long loose skirt, then pair it with a tight fit top! This creates a balanced outfit and has you looking stylish no matter what outfit you decide to throw on!

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns!!

Patterns can of course clash in some situations, but often enough wearing different patterns together can work very well! One styling tool that helps with wearing multiple patterns together is using a belt to break apart the patterns. This styling technique really helps to accentuate your figure as well. Definitely a styling tip to keep in mind! Find patterns that work with your figure and mix them together to see what you like and what you don’t. These types of outfits are unusual and stand out from the crowd, making your style unique and funky and definitely memorable!


Colours are so important when it comes to fashion! It is important to find what colours suit your skin tone and what colours don’t. This can take an outfit from looking plain to looking amazing and when you look amazing, you feel amazing!

Combining these styling tips will help you to look and feel fabulous. If you use these tips every time you buy clothes, you’ll never have a bad outfit day again!

Get Shopping Ladies and Enjoy!

Until Next Time x