All the festivities are in full swing! Wedding season, summer parties, evening brunch, birthdays! We love to have a few go-to party looks that work for a variety of get together's, so today we are rounding up a great list of options for any occasion. You’ll find dresses for parties, outfit-ideas for family gatherings, and the perfect frock for work functions and more! Let’s dive in!

Here are three

Midi & Maxi Dresses


We love the elegant lines of a longer dress. For taller women, there are a lot of dresses that can feel too short, so the comfort of ordering a midi dress or a maxi dress and knowing it will be the perfect length for you is such a bonus. But truly, these dresses look great on every shape and size. A longer dress also works beautifully for an event with a dressier dress code, like a wedding, or something where you need to be a bit more buttoned up, like your office party!  Adding a statement shoe or earring can really compliment this silhouette!

Rich Textures

Winter pieces give us so many beautiful textures to wear! Whether it’s a soft knits, velvet, or a sleek satin, they can all be the perfect thing for an event you may have on your calendar. Mixing textures like a knit sweater with a satin skirt and booties is a to die for look that can work for so many events like family gatherings or an evening out. Or keep the same texture the whole way through your look like satin! A Satin top with satin trousers is a classic elegant look that can work for loads of occasions!

Colours & Prints

When in doubt pattern it out! Not sure what to wear to an event? To go dressy or tad more casual? You can’t go wrong by choosing something with a print, such as floral’s or animal prints! Floral and animal prints are elegant but can also be casual! Loud colour’s can also work to add more of a statement to you look for a grander event such as a weeding!

I hope this post helps you find your perfect party outfit (or outfits). Whether you are sporting a maxi dress, long sleeves, or a high neck, you’re going to look fabulous. Here’s to celebrating all the things from now until 2024!