Summer Styling Tips

This Spring - Summer is all about.....

Vibrant Colour's

Say goodbye to dark, dull colours and say hello to vibrant pinks, tangy oranges, royal blues, and all the colours of the rainbow. The brighter the better this season. 

The point of vibrant colours is to enhance your moods and make you feel more confident in yourself and how you look. Bright colours will help you reflect positive emotions!

So brighten up your day with a brighter wardrobe ladies! 

Prints & Patterns

Patterns & Prints are more popular this season than ever before. Floral prints, animal prints, abstract patterns and we are so here for it. 

Colours are great, but when you add in a classy pattern it takes your outfit from nice to eye catching. Floral prints can give your outfit a delicate, elegant look, great for cute day looks and occasion wear. 

Animal prints give an edgier look. Outfits with animal print are great for a night out or dinner. 

Abstract prints can give a very high fashion look to your outfits. Abstract prints are perfect for occasions and evening events.

Key Pieces

Pleated and Ruffled Sets are a new addition to this years collections. A fun way to change up your wardrobe this year and maybe change up your look. 

Sets are very useful pieces to have in your wardrobe as they create a complete look when worn together, typically perfect for a night out, or can be worn separately to complement other looks including dressing up a pair of jeans or making a typical pants and top outfit look more playful. 

These style tips will help you boost your wardrobe and fill it with perfect outfits for this Spring Summer, that will have you feeling and looking bright and fresh all Season!

Get Shopping Ladies and Enjoy Our Spring-Summer Collection!